Masking operations

The package makes available routines for masking out attributes of the delta.

This class is defined in deltametrics.mask.


There is a complete Masking Subject Guide about the organization of this area of DeltaMetrics and examples for how to use and compute masks.

Mask classes

ElevationMask(*args, elevation_threshold[, ...])

Elevation mask.

FlowMask(*args, flow_threshold[, cube_key])

Flow field mask.

LandMask(*args[, contour_threshold, method])

Identify a binary mask of the delta topset.

ShorelineMask(*args[, contour_threshold, method])

Identify the shoreline as a binary mask.

WetMask(*args, **kwargs)

Compute the wet mask.

ChannelMask(*args[, is_mask])

Identify a binary channel mask.

EdgeMask(*args, **kwargs)

Identify the land-water edges.

CenterlineMask(*args[, method])

Identify channel centerline mask.

BaseMask(mask_type, *args, **kwargs)

Low-level base class to be inherited by all mask objects.

ThresholdValueMask(*args, threshold[, cube_key])

Threshold value mask.

DepositMask(*args[, background_value, ...])

Create a DepositMask from an array.

GeometricMask(*args[, origin])

Create simple geometric masks.