Masking operations

The package makes available routines for masking out planview attributes of the delta.

This class is defined in deltametrics.mask.


When Mask objects are instantiated with single time-slice x-y planform data (i.e., L x W data), the returned mask is expanded along the first dimension to return an object with dimensions 1 x L x W. This ensures that all Mask objects will have the same number of dimensions, but may lead to confusion if writing your own functions.

Mask classes

BaseMask(mask_type, data)

Low-level base class to be inherited by all mask objects.

ChannelMask(velocity, topo[, …])

Identify a binary channel mask.

WetMask(arr[, angle_threshold, is_mask])

Compute the wet mask.

LandMask(arr[, angle_threshold, is_mask])

Identify a binary mask of the delta topset.

ShorelineMask(arr[, angle_threshold, is_mask])

Identify the shoreline as a binary mask.

EdgeMask(arr[, angle_threshold, is_mask])

Identify the land-water edges.

CenterlineMask(channelmask[, is_mask, method])

Identify channel centerline mask.