deltametrics.plan.morphological_closing_method(elevationmask, biggestdisk=None)

Compute an average morphological map from an image,

Applies a morphological closing to the input image in a manner similar to / inspired by [1] for rapid identification of a shoreline.

This function takes an image, and performs a morphological closing for a set of disk sizes up from 0 up to the parameter biggestdisk.

  • elevationmask (ElevationMask or) – ndarray or xarray Binary image that the morpholigical closing is performed upon. This is expected to be something like an elevation mask, although it doesn’t have to be.

  • biggestdisk (int, optional) – Defines the largest disk size to use for the binary closing method. The method starts 0 and iterates up to a disk size of biggestdisk.


  • imageset (ndarray) – 3-D array of shape n-x-y where n is the number of different disk kernels used in the method. n = biggestdisk + 1

  • meanimage (ndarray) – 2-D array of shape x-y of the mean of imageset taken over the first axis. This approximates the sea_angles attribute of the OAM method.