Planview operations

The package makes available functions relating to planview operations on data.

The functions are defined in deltametrics.plan.

Planform types

OpeningAnglePlanform(*args, **kwargs)

Planform for handling the Shaw Opening Angle Method.


compute_shoreline_roughness(shore_mask, …)

Compute shoreline roughness.

compute_shoreline_length(shore_mask[, …])

Compute the length of a shoreline from a mask of the shoreline.

compute_shoreline_distance(shore_mask[, …])

Compute mean and stddev distance from the delta apex to the shoreline.

compute_channel_width(channelmask[, …])

Compute channel width from a mask and section.

compute_channel_depth(channelmask, depth[, …])

Compute channel depth from a mask and section.

shaw_opening_angle_method(below_mask[, numviews])

Extract the opening angle map from an image.