API reference

The DeltaModel class, defined in pyDeltaRCM.model, is the main class of pyDeltaRCM, which provides the object that is manipulated to evolve the numerical delta model. This class uses “mix-in” classes, which are defined in separate files (Python modules), that break out logically based on the various stages of model use, and components of the model iteration sequence. Most model functionality is organized into the various mix-in classes, that are then inherited by the DeltaModel. Additionally, several routines of the model are organized into module-level functions, which are “jitted” via the numba code optimizer library for Python.

This index lists the pyDeltaRCM organization, hopefully providing enough information to begin to determine where various components of the model are implemented. The index includes model classes, methods, and attributes, as well as additionally utility classes and functions.


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