10-minute tutorial

Use pyDeltaRCM in ten minutes!

You can get a model running with three simple lines of code. First, we instantiate the main pyDeltaRCM model object.

>>> import pyDeltaRCM

>>> delta = pyDeltaRCM.DeltaModel()

Next, since this is just a simple demo, we will run for a few short timesteps. The delta model is run forward with a call to the update() method of the delta model. So we loop the update function, and then finalize the model:

>>> for _ in range(0, 5):
...     delta.update()

>>> delta.finalize()

That’s it! You ran the pyDeltaRCM model for five timesteps.

We can visualize the delta bed elevation, though it’s not very exciting after only five timesteps…

>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

>>> fig, ax = plt.subplots()
>>> ax.imshow(delta.bed_elevation, vmax=-3)
>>> plt.show()

(png, hires.png)