Section operations

The package makes available models for vertical sections of deposits and strata.

All classes inherit from BaseSection, and redefine methods and attributes for their own types.

The classes are defined in deltametrics.section.


There is a complete Sections Subject Guide about the organization of this area of DeltaMetrics and examples for how to use and compute Section metrics.

Section classes

PathSection(*args[, path, path_idx])

Path section object.

StrikeSection(*args[, distance, ...])

Strike section object.

DipSection(*args[, distance, distance_idx, ...])

Dip section object.

CircularSection(*args[, radius, radius_idx, ...])

Circular section object.

RadialSection(*args[, azimuth, origin, ...])

Radial section object.

BaseSection(section_type, *args[, name])

Base section object.