Channel Mobility Functions

This set of functions is for computing channel mobility metrics. Inputs to these functions are some sort of binary channel masks, and maps defining the fluvial surface (land area) over which the metrics should be computed. Functionality for fitting linear, harmonic, and exponential curves to the results of these functions is provided as well.

The functions are defined in deltametrics.mobility.

check_inputs(chmap, basevalues, time_window)

Check the input variable values.

calculate_channel_decay(chmap, landmap, …)

Calculate channel decay (reduction in dry fraction).

calculate_planform_overlap(chmap, landmap, …)

Calculate channel planform overlap.

calculate_reworking_fraction(chmap, landmap, …)

Calculate the reworking fraction.

calculate_channel_abandonment(chmap, …)

Calculate channel abandonment.