deltametrics.mobility.calculate_channel_abandonment(chmap, basevalues, time_window)

Calculate channel abandonment.

Measure the number of channelized pixels that are no longer channelized as a signature of channel mobility based on method in Liang et al 2016. This requires providing an input channel map, and setting parameters for the min/max values to compare to, and the time window over which the evaluation can be done.

  • chmap (ndarray) – A t-x-y shaped array with binary channel maps

  • basevalues (list) – A list of values (t indices) to use for the base channel maps

  • time_window (int) – Number of time slices (t values) to use for the transient maps


PwetA – A 2-D array of the abandoned fraction of the channel over the window of time. It is of shape len(basevalues) x time_window so each row represents the fraction of the channel that has been abandonded, and the columns are associated with each time lag.

Return type