Sample data

The package includes several sample data sets to show how to interact with the API. You do not need to get your data into the same format as these data, but doing so will likely make it simpler to use DeltaMetrics, and to get the most benefit from the tools included here.

The sample data are defined in deltametrics.sample_data.

The sample data cubes can be accessed as, for example:

>>> import deltametrics as dm
>>> rcm8cube = dm.sample_data.rcm8()


Data is handled by pooch and will be downloaded and cached on local computer as needed.

Available information on the data cubes is enumerated in the following section.

Example data cubes

Golf Delta dataset.

This is a synthetic delta dataset generated from the pyDeltaRCM numerical model. The data were generated as one job in an ensemble executed 2021-01-15 on the TACC supercomputer at the University of Texas at Austin.

Run was computed with pyDeltaRCM v1.1.1, while at commit hash 58244313796273ca4eeb8ea8d724884dd51510a1.

Data available as Zenodo doi 10.5281/zenodo.4456144

(png, hires.png)


Rcm8 Delta dataset.

This is a synthetic delta dataset generated from the pyDeltaRCM numerical model. Unfortunately, we do not know the specific version of pyDeltaRCM the model run was executed with. Moreover, many new coupling features have been added to pyDeltaRCM and DeltaMetrics since this run. As a result, this dataset is slated to be deprecated at some point, in favor of the golf dataset.

If you are learning to use DeltaMetrics or developing new codes or documentation, please use the golf delta dataset.

(png, hires.png)


Landsat image dataset.

This is a set of satellite images from the Landsat 5 satellite, collected over the Krishna River delta, India. The dataset includes annual-composite scenes from four different years ([1995, 2000, 2005, 2010]) and includes data collected from four bands ([‘Red’, ‘Green’, ‘Blue’, ‘NIR’]).

(png, hires.png)


Paths to data files


The file path to each sample data cube can be accessed by a call to sample_data._get_xxxxxx_path() for the corresponding data set.

>>> dm.sample_data._get_rcm8_path()