Quick connect to your own data

If you are considering DeltaMetrics for your project, it may be helpful to use some of your data and see how DeltaMetrics works with that data, before committing to formatting a NetCDF file.

This guide covers how to connect to non-standard data with DeltaMetrics


The preferred approach to using DeltaMetrics is to properly format a NetCDF file for input datasets.

First, use numpy to manipulate each variable in your dataset into a 3D array with “time” on the first axis, and the two spatial dimensions on the next two axes. In the following example, the data is from a 100x200 domain with 51 saved data intervals.

eta = np.random.uniform(0, 1, size=(51, 100, 200))

dict_datacube = dm.cube.DataCube(
    {'eta': eta})

That is all you need to get your data into DeltaMetrics to test the package out. You could also have additional variables by adding key-value pairs to the input dictionary.

dict_datacube.quick_show('eta', idx=-1)

(png, hires.png)



If you decide to use DeltaMetrics, please check out the guide on how to properly format a NetCDF file for input datasets.