deltametrics.strat.compute_thickness_surfaces(top_surface, bottom_surface)

Compute deposit thickness.

This computation determines the deposit thickness, based on two bounding surfaces. It is a calculation of (top_surface - bottom_surface), with corrections to invalidate areas of no-deposition or net erosion, i.e., hightlighting only where net deposition has occurred.


This function does not operate directly on StratigraphyCube, but on two surfaces of interest (which could be extracted from a StratigraphyCube). See example.

  • top_surface – Elevation of top-bounding surface for computation. This is often the air-sediment surface, or an isochron surface in stratigraphy.

  • bottom_surface – Elevation of bottom-bounding surface for computation. This is often the pre-deposition basin surface.


difference – Difference in elevation between top_surface and bottom_surface.

Return type:

ndarray or DataArray


golfcube =
deposit_thickness0 = dm.strat.compute_thickness_surfaces(
    golfcube['eta'][-1, :, :],
    golfcube['eta'][0, :, :])
deposit_thickness1 = dm.strat.compute_thickness_surfaces(
    golfcube['eta'][-1, :, :],
    np.min(golfcube['eta'], axis=0))

fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 2)
im = ax[0].imshow(deposit_thickness0)
dm.plot.append_colorbar(im, ax=ax[0])
ax[0].set_title('thickness above initial basin')
im = ax[1].imshow(deposit_thickness1)
dm.plot.append_colorbar(im, ax=ax[1])
ax[1].set_title('total deposit thickness')

(png, hires.png)