The Cube

The package makes available Cube objects, which are the central office to all of the other functionality of DeltaMetrics.

The cubes keep track of underlying data, which may represent any number of unique variables. For example, the DataCube connects to a set of data in the form of a t-x-y ndarray, and associated metadata defining the array coordinates, type, and data units. So, variables in the underlying data might be lidar scans, overhead photos, grain size maps (pyDeltaRCM), or flow velocity records (pyDeltaRCM), etc.

The functions are defined in deltametrics.cube.

Cube types

DataCube(data[, read, varset, stratigraphy_from])

DataCube object.

StratigraphyCube(data[, read, varset, …])

StratigraphyCube object.

BaseCube(data[, read, varset])

Base cube object.

Cube returns


Slice of a Cube.