deltametrics.strat.compute_boxy_stratigraphy_volume(elev, prop, sigma_dist=None, z=None, dz=None, nz=None, return_cube=False)

Process t-x-y data volume to boxy stratigraphy volume.

This function returns a “frozen” cube of stratigraphy with values of the supplied property/variable (prop) placed into a three-dimensional real-valued 3D array.

By default, the data are returned as a numpy ndarray, however, specify return_Cube as True to return a FrozenStratigraphyCube. If False, function :additionally returns an ndarray of elevations corresponding to the :stratigraphy positions.

  • elev (ndarray) – The t-x-y ndarray of elevation data to determine stratigraphy.

  • prop (ndarray) – The t-x-y ndarray of property data to process into the stratigraphy.

  • sigma_dist (ndarray, float, int, optional) – Optional subsidence distance argument used to adjust the elevation data to account for subsidence when computing stratigraphy. See _adjust_elevation_by_subsidence for a complete description.

  • z (ndarray, optional) – Vertical coordinates for stratigraphy, in meters. Optional, and mutually exclusive with dz and nz, see _determine_strat_coordinates for complete description.

  • dz (float, optional) – Vertical resolution of stratigraphy, in meters. Optional, and mutually exclusive with z and nz, see _determine_strat_coordinates for complete description.

  • nz (int, optional) – Number of intervals for vertical coordinates of stratigraphy. Optional, and mutually exclusive with z and dz, see _determine_strat_coordinates for complete description.

  • return_cube (boolean, optional) –

    Whether to return the stratigraphy as a FrozenStratigraphyCube instance. Default is to return an ndarray and elevations ndarray.


    not implemented!


  • stratigraphy_cube (StratigraphyCube) – Not Implemented.

  • stratigraphy (ndarray) – A z-x-y ndarray with data from prop placed into voxels to fill stratigraphy.

  • elevations (ndarray) – A z-x-y ndarray with elevations for each voxel in the stratigraphy array.